The Eleanor Best Collection of Workshops and Handouts

Over the years I have amassed a mountain of reference material that I would like to share with other weavers. Like most weavers who are long gone, I know that these materials and samples are just thrown away by uninterested relatives and friends. The best way I know is to make this material available on the web site where anyone can download it. Please help yourself and have fun.

~Eleanor Best, 2003

Drafting Basics (400k)

Matte Board Loom (400k)

Twills, Twills, Twills Workshop (3MB)

Linen Weaves Workshop (2MB)

Huck Weave Workshop (1.8MB)

Handwoven Greeting Card Collection (1.7MB)

Plain Weave Samples (2.8 MB)

Supplementary Warp Handout (540k)

Lace by Hand Notebook (1.4MB)

Finishing Wearables (624k)

Tartan and Scottish District Checks Handout (1.2MB)

Finishing Handout (916k)

Computers for Weaving (3MB)